Zahara’s family Host Concert to Save Her House

The entertainment industry often presents its own set of challenges, but amidst the trials, there lies the potential for remarkable acts of solidarity. This rings true as the family of the late Afro-soul songstress Zahara prepares to host a benefit concert in a bid to save her Roodepoort home from foreclosure.

Zahara, who tragically passed away in December after a brief hospitalization, left behind a legacy cherished by many. However, her family now faces the daunting task of preserving her memory by safeguarding the home she held dear.

The journey to save Zahara’s home began when the property was auctioned off in November. Despite the company’s initial compassion in allowing the family to remain in the house until after the funeral, time is running out. Marten Bekker, representing the property development company, expressed empathy for the family’s plight but emphasized the need to finalize the situation by the end of April.

In a remarkable display of unity and support, Zahara’s family has rallied artists to participate in a benefit concert aimed at raising funds for the house. Despite financial constraints, artists have graciously volunteered to perform, driven by their love and admiration for Zahara.

The concert, slated to take place at the Orient Theatre in East London, features a lineup of talented performers including Vusi Nova, Khanyisa Sabuka, Butho Vuthela, Ivory Sikepe, and Nathi Mankayi. Renowned actress Lusanda Mbane has graciously offered to host the event, reflecting the collective determination to honor Zahara’s memory.

For Vusi Nova, who shared a deep bond with Zahara, the concert is a poignant tribute to a cherished friend and sister. His unwavering commitment to supporting Zahara’s family underscores the profound impact she had on those around her.

Gospel singer Khanyisa Sabuka echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of standing by the family in their time of need. For Sabuka and many others, the concert represents an opportunity to pay homage to Zahara’s legacy and provide solace to her grieving loved ones.

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While some may question the practicality of retaining the house, Sabuka emphasizes the sentimental value it holds for Zahara’s family. Beyond mere bricks and mortar, the house serves as a tangible connection to Zahara’s memory, offering comfort and healing to those she left behind.

For Lusanda Mbane, the concert is a labor of love, driven by her profound affection for Zahara and her family. As she reflects on Zahara’s enduring legacy, Mbane remains steadfast in her commitment to supporting the family through their trials.

As artists and supporters come together for Zahara’s Home Rescue Concert, they exemplify the transformative power of unity and compassion in times of adversity. Through their collective efforts, they not only seek to save a cherished home but also honor the enduring spirit of a beloved artist whose legacy lives on in the hearts of many.

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