The Gcaba brothers…The Pay Masters Behind AKA’s Murder! Everything We Know About Them!

IN Umlazi, KwaZulu Natal, lies a legendary family empire known as the Gcaba Brothers, or as they are locally referred to, Abafana BakaGcaba. Led by the enigmatic Mandla Gcaba, this organization has left an indelible mark on South Africa’s business landscape. Let’s delve into the history, controversies, and intriguing lives of the Gcaba family members.

The History of the Gcaba Brothers

The Gcaba Brothers organization traces its origins back to the visionary Simon Mkhulekelwa Gcaba, who established the family business in Umlazi during the 1970s. Despite facing adversity, Simon built a formidable enterprise, including ventures like Sonke and Mama’s Bakery. Tragically, his life was cut short by an assassination in 1996, yet his legacy lived on through his sons.

Exploring the Gcaba Family Tree

The Gcaba family tree remains shrouded in mystery, with details about the extent of Simon’s lineage kept private. However, some publicly known members of the Gcaba clan include Mandla, Sthembiso, Mfundo, Nkosikhona, and Mpilo, among others. These individuals play pivotal roles in steering the family empire forward.

Understanding the Gcaba Brothers’ Influence

The Gcaba Brothers have cultivated a reputation that evokes both awe and fear. Linked to various criminal activities, including murder and extortion, they are known for their ruthlessness towards adversaries. Speculations about their influence over law enforcement and politicians only add to their mystique, making them a force to be reckoned with in South Africa.

The Gcaba Taxi Empire

At the heart of the Gcaba Brothers’ operations lies their extensive taxi empire. With a fleet of over 500 taxis and buses, they own one of the largest transportation networks in the country. This business venture has been a cornerstone of their success and influence.

The Gcaba-Zuma Nexus

The Gcaba Brothers share close familial ties with former President Jacob Zuma, sparking speculation about their involvement in political circles. While allegations of financing Zuma’s campaigns have swirled, the Gcaba family has vehemently denied any involvement in recent political unrest.

From Taxi Tycoon to Business Mogul

Mandla Gcaba stands as a central figure in the Gcaba Brothers saga. Renowned for his entrepreneurial acumen, Mandla has diversified his portfolio beyond the family business, venturing into construction and property development. Despite facing controversies, including allegations of political influence, Mandla remains a formidable figure in South Africa’s business landscape.

Mfundo Gcaba

Another notable member of the Gcaba clan is Mfundo, known for his involvement in the Brook Street taxi rank shooting and subsequent legal battles. Despite his controversies, Mfundo boasts a lucrative business empire, highlighted by his fleet of taxis and luxurious lifestyle.

Behind Closed Doors: The Private Lives of the Gcaba Brothers

While the Gcaba Brothers command attention in the public sphere, they keep their personal lives guarded. Little is known about their wives and children, as they prefer to maintain a low profile away from the media spotlight.


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