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Lasizwe Dambuza under fire over his ‘I miss Nelson Mandela’ tweet

Lasizwe Dambuza under fire over his ‘I miss Nelson Mandela’ tweet

South African TV personality and YouTuber, Lasizwe Dambuza has been recently skating on thin ice on especially on social media.

As tweeps having been giving him a hard time to even post freely with any backlash or trolling.

The outrage towards Lasizwe comes after he teamed up with another social media darling Moghelingz for one of their skits which landed both of them in hot water.

Tweeps have been calling Lasizwe out for his lackluster skits and videos that they have dubbed not funny anymore.

To make matters worst, him teaming up with Moghelingz who is very popular recently was seen as a coup out and tweeps lambasted him for riding on his wave.

His recently post where he said he misses the late Nelson Mandela was spared no mercy as tweeps quickly jumped his neck to call him an attention seeker amongst other things.

“I miss Nelson Mandela.” wrote Lasizwe Dambuza

Although still popular but it appears Lasizwe has really lost his footing, especially on scores of his fans, followers, and supporters. Recently, he has been called out for trying too hard. Even the controversial Musa Khawula had no nice words about Lasizwe earlier on the YouTuber channel.

Khawula lambasted Lasizwe and inserted that he was old and is using the new social media and content creators’ ideas.



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