Thembisa Mdoda on becoming pregnant after the age of 40

Thembisa Mdoda, a popular South African actress, spoke out to her followers about the changes and adaptations she went through during her pregnancy.

The actress, who is expecting her third child, went to Instagram to share pregnancy lessons she has learnt after the age of 40.

“My poor husband, guys,” she added after describing how she desired various drinks every week. Oh no, umvubo. My go-to diet.”

Thembisa Mdoda on becoming pregnant after the age of 40

Check out her teachings below:

a) Be patient and kind to yourself. You’ll see a bird flying and start crying out of nowhere.

b) Start taking prenatal vitamins asap, and don’t skip.

c) As soon as you find out you’re pregnant practise stretching every morning and evening before bed.

d) Food: If you want it, eat it. Just make sure you add fibre to your diet.

e) Don’t get up too fast (trust me).

f) Invest in ultrasound gel, and start using it on areas prone to stretch marks.

Thembisa revealed her pregnancy earlier this month.

The media star posted a photo of her growing baby belly.

“I’m not one to announce things so I’m just going to say, ‘I’m going to need a bigger car and nappies, lots and lots of nappies’,” she said in her post.

In another post, Thembisa thanked celebrity make-up artist Nomsa Madida for her assistance.

“There are both friends and an army.” She is a prayerful, caring, skilled, and loving army on the move. Thank you so much, Lord. I’m grateful for you.”

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