Anele Mdoda’s father Marries

Anele Mdoda, a South African television presenter and radio personality, is celebrating her father, Patilizwe Mdoda, who married this weekend.

The radio star took to social media to share a snapshot of her father and his wife dressed in traditional wedding clothes.

Anele welcomed the new bride into the family and conveyed her joy at the union.

“If this is deleted, please know that my father and his wife jumped me for posting unofficial photos of an incredible day.” Noxolo, or should I say Mrs Mdoda, welcome to the family. “Bobsie, we love you,” she wrote.

The post drew a lot of comments, with the bulk of them congratulating Pat.

“Hayibo so you dad is off the market ngoku bendisamjongile he was my prayer item,” a comment reads.

“I love this. After 5 years of me praying for my dad to find love again… he did. I know your feeling. I how you worried about Papa….but he’s happy again. Bless them,” another wrote.

Anele Mdoda's father Marries

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