Phelo Bala Now A Sangoma

Khanyi Mbau’s statement about people suddenly turning becoming Sangoma’s has been scrutinized after Phelo Bala revealed to be one. Twitter is abuzz as tweeps are more convinced that Mbau was somehow subbing Bala.

“You do not have a calling.. it’s anxiety” wrote Khanyi Mbau

Mbau proceeded by claiming that most people turning into Sangoma’s does not necessarily have a calling but it is anxiety. Tweeps are currently having a field day at Phelo Bala’s expense while trolling him for being a Sangoma

“I am not attacking you. Just saving u money. Stop buying cows, chicken and goats.. Instead of buying melatonin to help u sleep and boost u serotonin so ur mood is better. Magnesium tabs and lots of B12 u can be your owner healer” wrote Khanyi Mbau

Phelo Bala is suddenly being dragged for filth after posting his picture on Instagram as a Sangoma. The question on everybody’s mind is whether TV personality Khanyi Mbau was subbing Phelo Bala when she inserted that scores of people are suddenly turning into Urban Sangoma’s.

Instead scores of tweets have come to Phelo Balo’s defense against by trolls while claiming that Bala has been a Sangoma. Those who knows and have been following Bala have mentioned that him posting as a Sangoma is not news as he has been one for the longest time.Phelo Bala1

Instead, he has been labelled as Moshe Ndiki’s tired ex-fiance that has turned into a Sangoma. However, Bala’s fans and supporters did not beat around the bush to fight tooth and nails to defend his Sangoma calling.

“Phelo has been a sangoma for years. I get your point but just had to correct that inaccuracy in your observation” wrote Phil Mphela


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