Influencers Cyan Boujee and Seemah in s.e.x with brother scandal

The world of TikTok has allowed for some young stars to create a name for themselves through the app and in extension the content creators who are most followed locally. Therefore, while these content creators might not be mainstream household names, in the world of TikTok and YouTube, they have a strong following.

As such, social media was spoiled rotten with the sgaxas that came with the subsequent end of yet another TikTok friend between popular content creators Cyan Boujee and Seemah.

Cyan Boujee and Seemah seemed to have been friendship goals on their respective social media platforms. This is as the two content creators are not the most liked content creators.

As such, it seemed that they would be a perfect fit for one another when they started collaborating on content.

But it did not take even months since making their friendship public on social media before trouble began to brew. As such, Seemah was the first to break her silence on the matter during an Instagram Live session. In the session in question, Seemah suggested that she was just as perplexed about the end of their friendship.

This is as she believed it was due to Cyan Boujee being in her feelings after she has asked by saying, “And then?” as Cyan was talking to a man that Seemah did not know when they were partying together at a club. Thereafter, Cyan went on to ignore Seemah and the texts she sent.

Cyan Boujee, who is now known to address social media matters publicly when confronted, then took to her own Instagram Live session to share what exactly happened to end their friendship. She alleged that her friendship with Seemah ended after Seemah seemed to have caught feelings for her brother, who was she smashing on the side.

News of Seemah being Cyan Boujee’s brother’s sneaky link came as a surprise as Seemah is known to be in a relationship with fellow content creator, Ghost Hlubi. The same content creator who bought Seemah a Mercedes Benz back in 2022.

As such, it seems that Seemah is denying the allegations of having snuck around with Cyan Boujee as her “response” via social media was to share a story of herself being consoled as the victim due to her kindness.

Since the matter has been now dragged on social media, there has been a video that has been leaked. A video which has been shared that suggests it is Seemah and Cyan’s brother indulging in each other

As such, it would seem that the only person who has been left with no friend and a continued reputation of being an instigator is none other than Cyan Boujee. However, seeing as this is not the first time, she might not be that much bothered about the fact.


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