Nadia Jaftha Addresses Speculations Surrounding Her Split from Xavier Haupt

Nadia Jaftha Addresses Speculations Surrounding Her Split from Xavier Haupt

Businesswoman Nadia Jaftha and her former partner Xavier Haupt issued a joint statement on their Instagram accounts, announcing their mutual decision to end their relationship.

Despite fans expressing disappointment over the conclusion of ‘Xadia,’ there was curiosity about the details of their separation.

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During an interview on Good Hope FM’s Great Drive! show with Carissa Cupido, Jaftha addressed the burning question and shared some fun facts about herself that fans were unaware of.

In response to a fan question posed by Cupido, Jaftha commented, “I think the beautiful thing is that we both are still on very good terms.

It’s still very fresh,” she admitted while laughing.

“I’d be lying if I said I was completely fine, because, obviously, that’s a lie.

I’m keeping myself busy.

Sometimes it feels like I’m on autopilot, but I do what I can to just heal and not be toxic about it,” she added.

When asked about the decision to split up, Jaftha stated that it was mutual, saying, “Ain’t nobody fighting nobody.”

Jaftha, a strong advocate for self-care, emphasized her plans to be more patient with herself and seek help when needed in the coming year.

For those considering pursuing a romantic connection with the creative, she made it unequivocally clear that she is not currently seeking love. “I’m dating my career,” she declared.

While Jaftha often shares aspects of her life online, there are certain things she keeps private.

As an example, she revealed having three tattoos that fans are not aware of, including one behind her ear, an Africa tattoo, and an elephant on her back.

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