‘Adulting” Star Samkelo Unveils Behind-the-Scenes of Intimate Scenes

“Adulting” Star Samkelo Unveils Behind-the-Scenes of Intimate Scenes

Actress Samkelo Ndlovu, a recent guest on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill, shared insights into her role in the Showmax series Adulting, where she plays Minki, the romantic interest of Tsiki Tsiki.

Ndlovu expressed her belief that Adulting is a groundbreaking program, emphasizing the scarcity of such representations for black artists historically.

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She highlighted the importance of accurate portrayal and makeup for black artists, citing a long history of neglect.

According to Ndlovu, Adulting provides a genuine reflection of society, incorporating explicit scenes.

She commended the actors for making these scenes appear realistic and asserted that she wasn’t afraid of such scenes, considering them integral to her character’s development.

Ndlovu delved into the past, discussing how sεx scenes were handled on set 14 years ago. She mentioned the introduction of intimacy coaches like Sarah Blecher, who guide actors on identifying “green” and “red” zones on their bodies.

Actors are provided with garments, such as T-strings for women and pεnis socks for men, making it challenging for anyone to experience arousal.

Additionally, a mini deflated pilates ball is strategically placed between actors during intimate scenes.

Touching on her role as Minki, Ndlovu admitted that the character scared her, influencing her behavior even off-set.

She revealed the shock she experienced when initially presented with the role but later recognized its alignment with her personality.

Ndlovu concluded by discussing a controversial sεx scene involving Thembi Seete and “BU” Mthembu, likening it to a homage to the 2001 American film Baby Boy, starring Tyrese and Taraji P Henson, emphasizing its artistic inspiration.

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