X Criticizes Kelly Khumalo, Kikening Her Appearance To That Of A ‘Korean Teenage Boy

X Users Criticizes Kelly Khumalo, Kikening Her Appearance To That Of A ‘Korean Teenage Boy’

Kelly Khumalo finds herself in the spotlight again, this time facing scrutiny over changes in her skin tone.

An online user and social media influencer, DMN4ever, sparked discussion by sharing two images of the singer—one from her earlier years and another more recent—captioning it with, “Kelly Khumalo went from being an African woman to a Korean teenage boy.”

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The images highlight a noticeable lightening of Khumalo’s complexion over the years. While some online users expressed concern over her transformation, others suggested factors like camera quality or referenced her openness about using skin lightening treatments.

Khumalo, a businesswoman and entrepreneur, launched her skincare range, “Kelly Khumalo Skin by Bioquantine SA,” in 2021, promoting firmer, younger-looking skin and addressing hyperpigmentation.

However, the launch stirred controversy, with accusations from a skin lightening expert who claimed Khumalo used his products without giving due credit.

Haripersad asserted that the reality TV personality had utilized his Glutathione products for skin lightening without providing proper acknowledgment.

The initial understanding involved Khumalo promoting his products through her social media platforms, a commitment that remained unfulfilled.

To Haripersad’s astonishment and displeasure, Khumalo launched her own skincare range just a month later.

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