Dr Qwabe’s attire criticized, while teacher Lulu Menziwa’s n@ked photos are praised, Why?

South African Twitter users have weighed in on the drama behind a local doctor, Dr Sandile Qwabe from New Castle KwaZulu-Natal, who doesn’t dress and behave the way “normal” doctors do. The doctor has gained popularity for his pantsula fashion sense and social media profiles showing off his vibrant personality.

The doctor has been trending on Twitter where many locals are debating whether or not his behaviour fits his career — one tweep has pointed out that the doctor is no different from teacher Lulu Menziwa who frequently wears tight clothing and poses naked on Instagram.

Dr Qwabe has been trending all week after a photo of him smoking a cigarette while wearing a “hip hop pantsula” outfit was shared online.

In the photo, the doctor still wears his stethoscope to show that he was probably still on duty when it was taken.

Shortly after the video was shared, more posts of the doctor made their way to Twitter where social media users quickly shared their thoughts.

A number of tweeps said that they would not trust doctor Qwabe to treat them.

Slamming these comments, controversial Twitter user Chris Excel pointed out how local teacher Lulu Menziwa was defended after she shared nude photos online.

“Dr Qwabe wears his normal clothes clever South Africans complain that it’s inappropriate. A teacher idunusa ku Internet. Y’all say it’s empowering Kodwa niyazbona ninjan msunu yenu,” he wrote.


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