Voice recording of Queen Lolly and Musa Mseleku’s son having tlof tlof goes viral

After her confession to having a relationship with the late, Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes. Queen Lolly claims to have had a s.e.xual relationship with polygamist, Musa Mseleku.

Queen Lolly has spilled all the beans during her session on the Omakhwapheni Podcast. The upcoming singer also claims to have had a relationship with musician Big Zulu, Master KG, and the late, Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes.

However, nobody could have prepared Musa Khawula and his co-host when Queen Lolly played a recording of her and Musa Mseleku in bed. To dignify her claims that indeed her and Musa Mseleku were once an item, Queen Lolly has all the receipts to prove it.


When questioned about her relationship with Musa Mseleku, who obviously has his hands full with his other four wives. Queen Lolly quickly wanted to reach for her phone and substantiate her claims and the alleged relationship.

“Just for me to answer you, babe, Musa is not my friend. I do not care who is he friends with currently but he is also my friend. Without wasting any time, I am okay with being a side chick, oh my God!” said Queen Lolly

Immediately after playing a cellphone recording of when Queen Lolly was allegedly having s.e.x with Musa Mseleku, she proceeded to blatantly refuse to hand over her phone to Musa Khawula who was eager and keen to witness the evidence himself.

“Chommi you can see me fu**king my man. I am not a claiming bitch, who the f**k is Mseleku? I respect my man, really. F**k that shit, I respect my man. I am a side chick for now, so stop ruining things for me. I told him not to reveal me in public. I am more than happy being a side chick.” said Queen Lolly

It appears Queen Lolly made it her mission to record each and every encounter she had with Musa Mseleku. Following after being accused of making things up. She proceeded to play a record when she initially met up with Musa Mseleku.

Caught in complete disbelief, scores of tweeps have slammed Queen Lolly as a clout chaser and spreading false information. Queen Lolly continued to maintain her truth surrounding the claims about her and Musa Mseleku.

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