Musa Ngema leaves Generations: The Legacy to join Skeem Saam.

Musa Ngema, a former Generations actor who quit the show last month due to deteriorating relationships with fellow cast members and staff members, has found another employment.

Ngema, who plays Mazwi Moroka, has previously been cast in Skeem Saam, a popular SABC 1 drama.

He will restart his acting career on the instructional show Skeem Saam, which has recently gained popularity due to star players Melita and Dr. Kgomo’s dishonest methods. He was sighted near the Skeem Saam headquarters, according to the source.

A source close to the situation says they were happy he was let go from Generations because it means more numbers for them.

“Skeem Saam wants to surpass Generations in terms of popularity and numbers, lately they have been trending almost every day” adds the source.

According to another source, they were still negotiating contracts and money issues. `If they agree on the terms and conditions he is definitely joining,” the source adds.

However, when called for comment, Skeem Saam publicist Sumaya Mogola denied that Ngema is joining Skeem Saam. “Who gave you the story first?”, that is not true, he is not joining us,” said Mogola.

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