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Nadia Nakai Explains Why She Didn’t Join AKA Family to Win AKA Awards

Nadia Nakai explains why she did not accompany the late Kiernan AKA Forbes to accept his accolades. On Saturday night, the late rapper, who died on February 10th, won four awards at the Metro FM Music Awards 2023.

Kairo, Lynn, and Tony Forbes were the only ones on stage to select the four awards, as shown in the videos.

Nadia celebrated on her Twitter account, which piqued the interest of her fans.

Nadia Nakai Explains Why She Didn't Join AKA Family to Win AKA Awards

A fan questioned her about her absence on the MMA stage and she replied, “They did ask me to come but I thought this moment should be just between them and the Megacy. I’m there in spirit tho. will be watching!”

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Recently Nadia Nakai grabbed ZA News Online headlines after she called out a Zimbabwean Promoter whom he accused of not paying her her dues!

Nadia Nakai’s recent performance in the 8th edition of the Changamire Festival Awards which were held at Long Cheng Plaza in Harare, didn’t go exactly as the rapper planned.

The Dangerous hitmaker took to her Instagram to call out the Zimbabwean promoters who apparently left the artist in her hotel room starving.

In an Instagram story, Nadia asked her followers to help her secure some food by recommending a delivery service such as Uber Eats or similar.

“Guys, is there an Uber Eats in Zimbabwe? Or an alternative? These promoters really don’t give a f**k! And I’m starving!”

The Changamire Festival Awards took place on 12 April, and Nadia was present to accept the award for “Most Influential Female African” artist.

Nadia’s quest for food was sorted shortly after reaching out to her followers for help, and despite her treatment by the Zimbabwean promoter, BRAGGA, as she is known by her fans still took to the stage and gave festival-goers their money’s worth.

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