“She is not pretty enough for her attitude” – Nota Baloyi Shades Makhadzi

Nota Baloyi, a South African music executive, has slammed singer Makhadzi, actual name Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona.

This comes after the Limpopo-born singer revealed her rocky relationship with her record company, Open Mic. Makhadzi, according to Nota, isn’t gorgeous enough to have an attitude and won’t stay long in the music industry if she keeps it.

His post did not go over well with the singer’s fans, who quickly told him where to go. Nota Baloyi, as usual, doesn’t mince things on Twitter.

The notorious entertainment manager has been in the news several times for his tweets, yet he continues to make disparaging remarks about everything and everyone.

His latest tweets have been directed at Ghanama hitmaker Makhadzi who recently opened up about her relationship with record company Open Mic.

Taking to Twitter she wrote that she has been a slave for the company for the last three years.

Her comments appears to have upset Nota who says that Makhadzi isn’t pretty enough for her attitude. According to him, severing ties with her record label will end in her demise.

“Makhadzi isn’t pretty enough for her attitude… She won’t be missed. Her new lifestyle is going to be impossible to maintain & her music will be forgotten. Nobody knows where Nomcebo ended up & I’m willing to bet my life none of this would’ve happen if they were signed by whites!” he wrote.

Nota’s tweet did not sit well with Makhadzi’s fans who quickly told him off.

“Why are disrespecting makhadzi like this, comparing her with abo Nomcebo. Makhadzi was not made by anyone. She works her way up. No radio station, TV, media house or company that made makhadzi.

Makhadzi will raise above in the entertainment, she came very far,” wrote one tweep while another said: Makhadzi don’t need record labels, but record labels need Makhadzi, let that sink in.

Makhadzi recently grabbed headlines after a shoe designer demanded R8.2 Million From Makhadzi

Makhadzi and her now-former record label, Open Mic Productions have been ordered to pay R8.2 million due to a breach of contract.

The singer failed to promote the Kokovha sneakers after signing a deal with the company.

According to a local publication, Makhadzi’s failure to oblige to the agreement of promoting the sneakers by wearing them to shows and on stage led to a huge loss for the company.

Kicks Sportswear founder and CEO Sammy Mhaule has opened a new store and has further business without the Limpopo-born star.

“I know that I spent a lot of time working on Kicks Kokovha and hoping it would work with Makhadzi as the one promoting this brand,” said Mhaule.

“We had bigger plans but they all went down the drain because she did not keep up with the terms and conditions of our agreement.”

“Yes, Kokovha, which was meant to be hers to work on, is going at half price because I need to get my money back, it’s like they left me to do damage control myself….full story

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