Musa Mseleku Opens Case Of Extortion Against Queen Lolly

Queen Lolly is reportedly faced with a lawsuit after she allegedly tried to extort money from businessman and reality star Musa Mseleku. City Press reports that Musa Mseleku has opened a case of crimen injuria and extortion a few days ago at the Sandton Police station against Queen Lolly.

A source told the publication that Lolly had a friendship with Mpumelelo Mselelku but she apparently saw that as an opportunity to try and extort money from Mseleku snr, “The allegation is that Shezi wanted to use her friendship with Mseleku Jnr to extort money from the father. When her motives did not succeed, she went on to allege that she was having an affair with him [the father],” the source added.

This is the second lawsuit sent her way as she was recently hit with a cease and dessist after she played a recording of her having sexual intercourse with a man she claims was Mseleku.

Responding to the lawsuit, Queen Lolly said she could not care less about the lawsuit telling him to have several seats. Queen Lolly was a guest on Omakhwapeni with Musa Mseleku, where she claimed to have had sexual relations with several celebrities and even came with ‘proof.’

She said in a video, “This video is for my father-in-law, the man who gave me a man, Mthombeni [Mseleku clan name]. I’d like to humble myself before you after everything that has happened and everything that you’ve seen.

“I’d like to ask a few things of you. Please do me a favour, sit down with your son — who is my lover and my man. Him and I are inseparable. Please sit down with your son and he will tell you the truth because he knows the truth. There is no need for me to provide evidence or release anything.

“There is a lot more you will come across if you continue to defend something you have no knowledge of,” the singer said.

Queen Lolly furhter questioned why Musa Mseleku involved himself in his son’s sexual business, “I doubt Mseleku — who is my man and your son — gives you a report of his whereabout and his activities when he leaves his partners at home and has sexual relations with other people. I don’t understand why you, as my father-in-law, would defend this when you were not present.

“I received a letter from your lawyers, but I don’t understand why you would go to social media and mention me — your daughter-in-law,” she concluded.

In the interview, Queen Lolly said, “Just for me to answer you babe, Musa is not my friend. I do not care who is he friends with currently but he is also my friend. Without wasting any time, I am okay with being a side chick, oh my God!” said Queen Lolly


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