Musa Khawula fires shots at Jessica Nkosi & her husband, TK Dlamini

Mzansi’s controversial celebrity blogger and Youtube Musa Khawula, spared no mercy for former The Queen actress Jessica Nkosi, when he dragged her for filth.

Musa recently revamped his Youtube channel and it s slowly getting more recognition, The blogger shared his commentary on Jessica Nkosi and her baby daddy TK Dlamini’s wedding.

The lovebirds had their Umembeso, a traditional Zulu wedding ceremony on Friday, 23 December 2022. Musa did not mince his words when he dragged the couple.

Musa came for Jessica’s acting and said it is mediocre. “She is acting, the acting is mediocre and I am like baby please stop it. She also did Isibaya where she played Qondi, I don’t care about this girl’s career and then there is also TK shame, he acted on that underwhelming Uzalo. You people still watch Uzalo.

I am judging you and my family I am like ” are you serious, are you still watching this nonsense,” TK had acted that thing but I don’t think he had booked another job unless it was like a Mzani Bioskop nton nton, but I don’t think he had booked a solid job after Uzalo.

According to Musa, Jessica looks old and does not look like she is in her early 30s. “Maybe I am the one who is wrong in the acrimony, but Jessica is giving me old vibes, she sees not look like she is in her early 30s, and she is giving me mama vibes, maybe I am the one who is wrong. TK should be with someone like me. Someone nice but he chose things one and this one looks so old.”

According to The South African, Jessica’s paternal was not aware that the actress was marrying TK. Apparently, the actress has distanced herself from the family. Various sources who spoke to the publication said the actress has cut them off and is no longer talking to them.

“We saw it coming that she would not inform us about her wedding. Her maternal family probably accepted the lobola. We haven’t heard from her since the family asked about their relationship.

Jessica shares the same clan surname ‘Dlamini’ with TK and the family wasn’t happy about that.

According to our tradition, you cannot marry someone that you share the same clan surname with. When they asked her about this, she distanced herself from everyone.” said the source.

Another source revealed that previously Jessica dated Khaya Mthethwa, and the family was not happy with the relationship, as Khaya had apparently paid lobola to Nomzamo Mbatha.

“The two dated a while ago and she even introduced us to him during a funeral, but we were also not happy because at the time Khaya had just separated from Nomzamo Mbatha who was close to Jessica. We haven’t heard from her for more than two years now. Apparently, they paid lobola for her, but she doesn’t speak to us now,” added the source.

Another source lambasted Jessica for being cold towards them. “Ayanda is bitter, she was not like this before. She used to be a sweet girl who used to visit us when her father was still alive, but fame got into her head and she abandoned us,” added the source.

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