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Lets Dive Into AKA And Nadia Nakai’s Family Vacation

Lets Dive Into AKA And Nadia Nakai’s Family Vacation

Lets Dive Into AKA And Nadia Nakai’s Family Vacation

AKA and Nadia Nakai, Kairo and Lynn Forbes, and other family members are on holiday at Sun City, South Africa. The family deserves the trip because the year 2022 was busy, especially for AKA, whose true name is Kiernan Forbes.

We absolutely enjoy their connection, and they are quickly becoming Mzansi’s most popular couple. We’re hoping to hear their wedding bells shortly.

It’s been a year of rebirth, a year of transition, and a return to the top after some difficult times… I can’t lie, it’s been a nice one. “Thank you, God, for MEGACY,” Kiernan wrote.

“Now everything is set up for 2023 to be arguably the BIGGEST in my career and I can’t wait to get stuck in.

However, first I need to hand in the last few songs, go on a badass family & baecation and return energised and focused ready to go to war for the MEGACY,” he added.

AKA announced his holiday and resumed social media with photos; his girlfriend, Nadia Nakai also blessed her followers with sizzling bikini snaps.

The family is busy flexing a 5-star experience.

In other news,

Tlof Tlof Video At The Beach Goes Viral, Leaves Mzansi In Awe!

Just when you think the year is going to end with no scandals then bang, a couple is recorded at the beach busy doing tlof tlof.

Tlof Tlof at the beach goes viral | Video

The cameraman, who clearly is a genius in photography, remained hidden behind the couple but captured some interesting footage.

You might think it was the new Samsung Z Fold or Galaxy S22 ultra that got these zoom effects but it was…Watch Video


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