Mohale Commemorates Moja Love’s Removal Of Head Of Channel Bokani Moyo

Mohale Commemorates Moja Love’s Removal Of Head Of Channel Bokani Moyo

In certain quarters of South Africa, there is jubilation following the dismissal of Bokani Moyo, the Head of Channel at Moja Love.

The local television channel, Moja Love, has experienced a tumultuous 2023, and recent developments have added to the drama.

Bokani Moyo, who held the position of Head of Channel for the past six years since 2017, was unexpectedly ousted from the brand in a sudden restructuring.

The announcement was made through a press statement, creating ripples across the country.

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DSTV channel Moja Love has faced a challenging year, with two of its presenters, Jub Jub and Xolani Khumalo, undergoing criminal investigations for separate cases, tarnishing the reputation of the shows they host.

Simultaneously, Head of Channel Bokani Moyo has been under scrutiny for the channel’s off-screen controversies and on-screen content.

The decision to remove Moyo was met with little surprise by many when it was reported on December 19. Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela first shared the news on X, stating:

“While the timing of the news caught many viewers off guard, neutrals were not surprised to witness Bokani Moyo’s departure from Moja Love.”

Influencer and socialite Mohale Motaung echoed this sentiment on his page, expressing, “When bad things happen to bad people.” Numerous others shared Mohale’s sentiment and expressed satisfaction with Bokani Moyo’s departure. As of the current writing, the channel had not issued a statement addressing the matter.

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