Mzansi celebrities who went under the knife to get their dream bodies

Mzansi celebrities who went under the knife to get their dream bodies

Celebrities in Mzansi are adopting the Hollywood-popularized practice of purchasing their ideal bodies through cosmetic surgery.

Many celebrities are choosing to undergo body modifications, whether it’s to fly to far-off places like Turkey or to have experienced doctors assist them shape their forms.

Let’s examine some of the well-known celebrity makeovers that have generated attention in more detail.

Thuli Phongolo:

Mzansi celebrities who went under the knife to get their dream bodies

Actress and DJ Thuli Phongolo caused a stir on social media a few months ago when she shared pictures and videos of her Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). The response from her followers was mixed, with some praising her newfound curves, while others questioned the necessity of altering her already enviable figure.

Nonku Williams:

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Nonku Williams didn’t shy away from revealing that she underwent liposuction, even documenting her healing process on social media.

She openly stated that she wanted to address stubborn areas of her body and achieve a more sculpted look. In one of her posts, she wrote, “So, you all know lately I have been on my transformation journey of living good, feeling and getting snatched.”

With her enhanced curves, she certainly achieved her desired aesthetic.

DJ Zinhle:

DJ Zinhle reacts to rumours she got a b00b job speculation

Although DJ Zinhle dismissed rumors of having a breast augmentation, a source close to her confirmed that she underwent a breast lift augmentation.

The insider revealed that Zinhle had contemplated the procedure for some time but had been waiting for her daughter, Asante, to stop nursing.

Responding to the rumors, Zinhle playfully said, “Ngithe ngiwathandazele” which loosely translates to “I prayed for them,” accompanied by a laughing emoji.

Sithelo Shozi:

Sithelo Shozi

Socialite and DJ Sithelo Shozi has always been open about her body transformation journey. She took to her Instagram stories to share before and after pictures after being discharged from a clinic in Istanbul, Turkey.

As a mother of three, she expressed that the surgery was the ultimate gift to herself. She wrote on her social media, “I wish we could eliminate the stigma associated with surgery. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with giving yourself a makeover, especially after having three children. This was the best decision and reward I could have given myself.”

The increasing popularity of cosmetic treatments in the entertainment business is exemplified by these celebrity body makeovers.

It’s evident that many celebrities are seizing the chance to improve their physical characteristics and increase their self-confidence through these revolutionary operations, even though opinions on the necessity and reasons for these alterations may differ.

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