Rapper Nadia Nakai Addresses Alleged Wig Dispute In Namibia

Rapper Nadia Nakai Addresses Alleged Wig Dispute In Namibia

South African rapper Nadia Nakai has responded to allegations of wig theft made against her by a Namibian hair seller, Senia of FashionWins Hair.

The controversy unfolded when Nadia, in Namibia for a performance, found the initially provided wigs unsatisfactory and sought a 26-inch wig from Senia.

The agreement was for Nadia to either purchase the wig or borrow it and return it the next day before departing.

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Senia claimed that Nadia failed to return the wig, prompting accusations of theft. However, Nadia took to her social media platforms to dispute the allegations and criticize Senia for providing a subpar wig.

In her response, Nadia asserted that she owns a multitude of wigs and questioned the motive behind wanting Senia’s wig, which she claimed tangled easily.

In one of her social media posts, Nadia stated, “That lady is crazy. You got your wig on the 7th, and it was wack anyway. Don’t bore me. I have 1 million wigs, why would I want yours that tangles in a day?” In another post, Nadia accused Senia of seeking attention, referring to her as a “clout chaser” and denying any payment for the wig.

Senia countered Nadia’s claims by suggesting that if the wig was genuinely of poor quality, Nadia should not have taken it with her.

She questioned the logic of someone leaving a country with hair they were instructed to leave at the reception, emphasizing that whether good or bad, Nadia still allegedly took the wig without permission. The dispute between the rapper and the hair seller has sparked public interest, with fans and followers weighing in on the unfolding drama.

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