Fans worried after illuminati eye spotted at AKA’s memorial – VIDEO

Fans worried after illuminati eye spotted at AKA’s memorial – VIDEO

AKA’s memorial service was a star-studded and jam-packed event held at Sandton Convention Centre on Friday, 17 February.

But as we’ve seen since the South African rapper’s death last week – social media users continue to bring up wild conspiracy theories, like the involvement of the “Illuminati.”

According to Twitter users, imagery associated with the alleged secret society was shown on a big screen during the service, startling many of his music fans.

During a stage performance showing off his vast catalogue of music, an image flashed on the screen – a picture of an eye.

The image – seen during a clip posted by fellow female rapper Gigi Lamayne in a TikTok video – was then shared on Twitter, which garnered mixed responses.

One tweep asked: “What was the point of this during AKA’s memorial?”

Some tweeps expressed their beliefs that the Illuminati was real and that the rapper was possibly involved.

@SammySib: “All I know is it definitely means something, and they definitely put it there intentionally and for a reason. One wouldn’t just wake up and decide to put an easy symbol up. We’re living in dark times….”

@sthandwa_w: “It’s all over his album cover, too… with the skull and bones. Just an observation!”

@thulanimofoken3: “AKA was Illuminati and they openly showed it at the memorial service”

Others rubbished the theory of something ominous.

@Twin_Segowa: “We read too much into unnecessary stuff.”

@LuckyBrie83: “It’s the ‘All Seeing Eye,’ for heavens’ sake. Not everything is a conspiracy. It’s symbolic, for God’s sake”.

It’s not the first time tweeps have mentioned the Illuminati this week. After his death, the underworld group trended on Twitter as well…

Meanwhile, former rapper turned pastor Kabelo Mabalane shared a touching tribute as AKA’s “spiritual father and mentor.”

In it, he spoke about AKA’s Christian faith and the muso’s latest prayer request, the hope that his next album Mass Country – set for release next week – would be a “success.”

He added: “Watching him grow in the last year was one of my greatest pleasures, and hearing his mom, Lynn, say Kiernan in recent times was the son she knew and the son she raised, this was proof that we don’t need to get proof, to get God.”

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