Faith Nketsi celebrates a year of being umakoti

Faith Nketsi recently celebrated one year of marriage.

On April 10 2022 Faith and Nzuzo Njilo, who have a daughter together, made things official by hosting a mahlabiso ceremony (joining the two families/a celebration of marriage).

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Marking the milestone, the social media sensation and reality TV star posted on Twitter: “Last year today I became Umakoti wakwa Njilo.”

Despite allegations of her husband being in debt and marriage trouble, Faith said she’s determined to stick beside her “forever” man and drown out the noise.

“Whether allegations or things are said, I still love him the exact same way I used to love him and that’s by maintaining our privacy. When such things come out it doesn’t really bother me because at the end of the day, I know what’s going on in my household and I know how things are kept in my household,” she previously told TshisaLIVE.

Faith said she knew not everyone would be happy to see them take their relationship to this level, but what mattered most was their parents’ blessings.

“What I love about our relationship is no-one ever knows what’s going on, and I think that’s why people like speculating and talking about it or throwing rumours around. It’s because they really want to know what’s going on.”


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