Blogger Musa Khawula threaten to leak Lerato Kganyago’s n#des

Controversial Mzansi self-proclaimed “Pope of Pop Culture” and “Gossip Girl” Musa Khawula has sent a stern warning to TV host Lerato Kganyago, to stop pressing his buttons because he will leak her nudes and expose her ‘dirty secrets’ online.

The blogger has gained notoriety for exposing Mzansi’s celebrity dirt and bashing them online. In 2022, Musa was silenced by Twitter after he shared a clip of Lulo Cafe’s explicit content. Tweeps flagged his account, which was then suspended, but it seems as though he did not learn his lesson.

Musa had the internet buzzing again on Wednesday 04 January, after putting Lerato on blast for allegedly lying about owning the luxurious 12 on Hillel Villa and Spa in Northcliff, Johannesburg. He came with receipts that suggested that Lerato’s husband Thami Ndala is the owner of the hotel.

Now, the blogger has threatened to leak Lerato’s “risque content.” online. In a series of posts on his Instagram account, Musa warned the media personality not to try him because he would publish her “not so PG findings.”

“One more word from Lerato Kganyago her p**sy pictures are going online. The best part is her face is showing and I like that for us. Try me babes,” he wrote.

Lerato replied to the post and said he must leak her nudes and stop threatening her. Musa sparred no mercy for Lerato as he further accused her of allegedly sleeping with then Mayor of Ekurhuleni Mzwandile Masina. “Lerato Kganyago baby I don’t have secrets but please talk about you fucked Mzwandile Masina and his wife called you to order coz she was pregnant and your uterus that can’t carry children had you have 10 miscarriages including Masina’s child,” alleged Musa.

On Wednesday, Musa who has been breathing fire down Lerato’s neck for allegedly lying about owning the Northcliff hotel, once again accused Lerato of lying about owning the hotel and for allegedly not paying her workers. He shared exclusive content that revealed that Lerato does not own the hotel and that it is currently indebted to the City of Joburg.

Lerato admitted that she removed herself as the owner of the hotel a couple of months back, citing that this was due to the fact that she has her hands dipped in various business ventures.

Taking to his Instagram stories Musa further accused Lerato of infidelity and said he will narrate the story better on his YouTube channel “Lerato baby remember when you sent thugs to threaten m family, well turns out I haven’t forgotten. See you on Youtube for a better narration of how you lied about owning your hotel, your failure to pay your employees’ rent, and how they moved to Alberton. Also, baby, are you ready to talk about your hoeism within your marriage because I am,” he alleged.

The two have been at loggerheads for some time now and their beef shows no sign of coming to an end. In 2022, Lerato broke down in an Instagram live session when she blamed Musa Khawula for her miscarriage. She said she was tired of being bigger and better while Musa continues to tarnish his reputation.


Atlanta rapper Quavo has released a tribute to the late Migos member Takeoff in his first new music since his nephew was gunned down in Texas last year.

The song posted on Quavo’s YouTube page Wednesday is titled “Without You” and begins with him melodically singing, “Tears rolling down my eyes, Can’t tell you how many times I cried, Days ain’t the same without you, I don’t know if I’m the same without youThe video is shot in black and white and features Quavo, whose real name is Quavious Keyate Marshall, smoking sadly. The song continues with Quavo remembering moments he spent with Takeoff saying that things aren’t the same without him.

At the end, the song fades out with Quavo repeating the phrase “Take, I’m sorry. The rapper shared the song on his social media with the simple phrase “Long Live Take Infinity.”

Quavo had previously talked about how difficult his life had been without his nephew, saying that it’s “we did everything together.”

This is the rapper’s first song since he released “Messy,” which was a collaboration with Takeoff.
Takeoff, whose name is Kirsnick Khari Ball, was killed by gunfire outside a private party at a Downtown Houston bowling alley on Nov. 1. Two others were injured in the shooting.

Police believe the shooting happened after a high-stakes dice game at a private party. There was an argument that happened after the game that erupted into gunshots. Takeoff was an unarmed and a bystander, investigators said.

“There was a lucrative dice game that went on at the event. There was an argument that happened afterwards outside the bowling alley, which led to the shooting,” HPD Homicide Division Sgt. Michael Burrow said. “I can tell you that Takeoff was not involved in playing in the dice game, he was not involved in the argument that happened outside. He was not armed

Source: People

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