DJ Maphorisa allegedly rejects NPA’s advice to enrol in anger management classes!

DJ Maphorisa’s battle against his ex-girlfriend Thuli Phongolo is far from ended. The NPA apparently decided to withdraw the domestic violence charges against him after he attended anger management classes, but the top amapiano DJ allegedly overturned that decision.

DJ Maphorisa is adamant about not taking any cheap routes in demonstrating his innocence to his supporters. In May, the celebrity got into trouble for reportedly hitting his fiancée, actress Thuli Phongolo.

Despite Thuli Phongolo withdrawing the accusations a few days after the event, he has been returning to court repeatedly to attempt to establish his innocence.

The Ba Straata hitmaker allegedly denied the proposal and requested that the case should continue to trial so he can prove his innocence to his fans.

To prove his innocence to his supporters and admirers, DJ Maphorisa is willing to take any and all risks. According to a source close to the famous pair, the star had to fire his legal staff since they had accepted the NPA’s proposal.

According to the insider, Phori declined the offer because he knew it would lead his supporters to assume he was guilty and had a temper problem.

DJ Maphorisa wants the case to go to trial so that he can establish his innocence.

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