Cyan Boujee trending after video leak!

South Africa | Popular influencer and deejay Cyan Boujee is apparently trending after a video tape of her in a compromising position was leaked on twitter earlier today.

While details of who leaked the video are still sketchy, it is believed that Boujee is a victim of cyber bullying and the person who is behind the leaking is indeed trying to ruin her pictures.

The video which has apparently gone wild on social media has left her fans and speculators in awe!

Below is a link to the video!




Stage Name: Cyan Boujee
Real Name: Honour Zuma Zacn
Occupation: Content Creator, YouTuber, Beauty Influencer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Brand Ambassador, and DJ
Date Of Birth/Age: August 25, 2001 (21 Years Old)
Place of Birth: South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Bamzy Riches (Ex-boyfriend)
Education: Unknown

Cyan Boujee’s real name is Honour Zuma Zacn. She is mainly referred to as Cyan by her fans. Cyan Boujee has not opened up about her family or her upbringing.

She has kept that part of her life private. She once shared a video where she participated in a social media challenge while cunningly recording her parents’ reactions to her lies.

Cyan Boujee’s most notable boyfriend is Bamzy Riches. It is unknown when they started dating and their current status. They trended in May 2022 when news broke that he assaulted her in her apartment.

He was arrested, and he paid for the damages he did. She fell pregnant after he forcefully slept with her, but she lost the pregnancy.

There have been questions about Cyan Boujee, with fans wondering if she had surgery. The answer is “Yes.” She revealed this in an interview with Mac G and Teboho Thobejane on the Podcast And Chill in September 2022. She revealed the rumours were true that she had a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

The procedure involves draining fat from one part of the body and adding it to the buttocks to make it fuller and make the hips a little more curvier. She also shared she saved up for the procedure with the “girlfriend allowance” she receives from her boyfriend.

Some of her fans have voiced their dissatisfaction with her post-surgery body. They claim to have preferred her without it because she looked better without it.

In their opinion, the BBL did not do her body any justice. Others praised her and said she looked way better. She told Mac G in their chat that she always wanted to save money and work on her body because of how much she was bullied in high school while growing up.

In her opinion, she had an “ice cream body and a boyish figure,” which she did not like. She also hinted that she hadn’t gotten the perfect body she wanted yet.

The exact estimate of Cyan Boujee’s net worth is unknown to the general public. She has not revealed it. However, several media outlets, including Buzz South Africa, estimates it to be between $800 000 and $900 000. She has not confirmed the estimate.

There is no information on Cyan Boujee’s house online.

In July 2022, Cyan Boujee announced she had bought a white Mercedes Benz.

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He received praise for his work on films such as The Lion King, The Power of One, and Outbreak. He has also worked on various stage productions.

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