Taxi Strike: Taxi Operators Seen Attacking Vehicle As Santaco’s Stay Away Continues

As the SA National Taxi Council’s (Santaco) disruptive taxi stay-away continues, chaos has broken out once more in several areas of the city of Cape Town.

On social media, a distressing video showing the severity of the strike-related violence is circulating.

Crime campaigner Ian Cameron shared the footage on Twitter, showing dozens of suspected cab drivers rushing towards a car and viciously destroying it.

The event took place early on August 7th, beneath the Nyanga bridge.

The gang threw items at the driver’s car, smashing the windscreen and causing the passengers to get out and run for their life while the driver tried to leave.

The terrified passengers can be seen ducking and running for cover as gunshots can be heard at one point in the footage.

After discussions between Santaco and the government failed to break the standoff with Cape Town authorities over the weekend, the most recent attack occurred.

The taxi council declared on Sunday, August 6, that the discussions had been put on hold and that the boycott, which had been announced on Thursday, August 4, would last until August 9, had been extended.

In order to find a swift conclusion to this day’s events, Santaco stated that it was still willing to resume negotiations with the government.

It also condemned any criminal activity involved in the attacks that have occurred since the strike began.

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