Aubrey Qwana Depression Posts a Call For Help?!

Aubrey Qwana recently came out about his struggles with mental health and sadness, stating that he wishes he could “run away” but is unable to do so.

Tshitshi Lami, the SAMA-nominated singer-songwriter’s latest single, was released ahead of his album, and he revealed that it may be his final musical offering.

“I’m thinking about quitting music after this album.” I’m quite depressed and I’m not doing well.”

Aubrey acknowledged that he “needs a hug,” alluding to the hardships he’s having in a Facebook post that received over 1,4K comments filled with messages of compassion. Qwana admitted:

“This life thing is really showing me flames and I can’t take it anymore.”

Tiro19 Music commented:

“We love you, bro. You are stronger than you think, you will overcome.”
Many others empathised with Qwana.

Rapper Big Zulu commented:

“My brother, yes it’s hard, you can have everything in life but when your heart is not happy, you are like a person with nothing. We live with problems every day but don’t let them defeat you.”

Rainz SA added:

“Be strong, soldier, do it for the children who watch you and those who love you.”
LowP RSA said:

“I hope it all goes well, Nkanyamba, prayers to you.”
LoyalBest remarked:

“You’re not alone, bro.”

Boitsheko BaeChoc Motlhaodi:

“All is well, pray about it, you are loved.”

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