Sisa Flatela Voted To Have Best Kuku Than Cyan Boujee Amid Viral Tlof Tlof Film

Mzansi remembered about Sisa Flatela, who previously trended for her perfect kuku, amid the Cyan Boujee tlof tlof video.

A video of Cyan Boujee engaging in crazy tlof tlof emerged on Twitter on August 8 and went viral. When the explicit video was taken, as well as the identity of the man she was having fun with, are still unknown.

The slay queen did not care that her boyfriend shot her and showed her face in the video since she was so passionate in what she was doing at the time that she was screaming with pleasure.

Even though people initially assumed it must be DJ Maphorisa who was in the video, Cyan startlingly responded after the leak and accused House music producer Prince Kaybee of leaking the video. The musician did not respond to the allegations and let them rage.

As the video blazed the internet, Tweeps complained of how Cyan had not cut her forest and it looked bushy. Amidst the melee, people started drawing comparisons with Sisa Flatela, who broke the internet last year over her “clean” kuku.

Sisa Flatela dropped a picture of her kuku on Twitter in 2022 and the internet came to a standstill. Men droolingly appreciated her, saying they had never seen anything that beautiful.

They jokingly said Flatela has the best kuku, and her leak was fire, as compared to Cyan Boujee who had a forest.

Check out some of the comments below.

S Mdalana:

“Mf2 that shandis was world class




“She’s still leading.”

Prince Mangosuthu:”

Miles ahead , she had no challenge.”

Mr Nature Explorer:

“Legend this 1 her kuku still leading here in the Twitter community, cleanliness and apertising her name is @Sisaflatela


” This one is cleanest of all time.”

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