Lebo M Admits Having Money Trust Issues, Insinuating That His 8th ‘Divorce’ Is As A Result!

Lebo M has stated his boundaries in relationships and marriages. In a recent episode of Podcast And Chill with MacG, presenters Sol Phenduka and MacG chatted with Lebo ‘M’ Morake about his recent divorce announcement, which shook the Twittersphere.

Mac G questioned Morake about his divorce, asking if he was the first or last person in the country to divorce.

When questioned if he had trust difficulties, he stated that he did, mostly with regard to money.

“Yes. Nobody in my life has my trust when it comes to money.”

Mac G prodded Lebo M for explanations when he warned him that he may be unlucky in love.

Lebo stated that it is not about love, but about money and the desire for confidence that if he dies, there is no will that he is unaware of out there.

“This isn’t about love; it’s about money, my estate.”

Lebo M said in a statement that he and Pretty were divorcing.

“I intend to proceed with the divorce and have already instructed my lawyers.”
However, ZiMoja said that once their families interfered, Lebo M and Pretty reconciled.

According to the news outlet, Pretty had gone clean about a couple things, which caused Lebo M to reconsider the divorce.

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