Zodwa Wabantu encourages pen!s enlargement – WATCH

Zodwa Wabantu has had some months that she has failed to grab headlines. This could be due to the fact that she is happy in her relationship with her on-and-off Ben 10, known as Ricardo Olefile Mpudi as the two celebrated their second-year anniversary. Or it could be the fact that she has shared everything on social media and nothing surprises the public about the reality sta

However, it seems that Zodwa might miss trending. Especially considering the going broke allegations and that her line of work depends on her being in demand and relevant in order to garner bookings from promoters. As a result, this seems to have inspired Zodwa to revisit her past antics which in the past has seen her actually trending.

For a couple of months Zodwa Wabantu had kept her Instagram profile private. This could have to do with the media speculating about the state of her relationship or due to the allegations that she was going broke due to the public being bored by her repeated performances.

However, she recently went public again. As such, she recently took to her Instagram and shared a video promoting her long-standing partnership with aesthetic medical practice Herwood Medical Centre. This time she was not promoting vaginal rejuvenation or female-centric cosmetic procedures.

Instead, she was promoting the penis enlargement procedure. In the video, Zodwa is seen talking to the patient and providing comfort ahead of the procedure. However, what surprised many was the fact that also went on to peak a look at the “patient’s” alleged small private part.

As such, it was assumed that Zodwa was looking to trend again. This is as this is not the fist time that Zodwa attempted to employ this tactic to see her name in the trends list again. Back in 2020, a similar video by the reality star has garnered attention.

The report at the time read:

Zodwa Wabantu’s latest Instagram post saw her promoting penis enlargement, as she looked directly at the patient’s… goods. The media personality has been known for promoting and endorsing various cosmetic and plastic surgeries, but this one seems to have rubbed people the wrong way.

The post shows Zodwa speaking to the patient whilst she looked at his private area, whilst at the Herwood Medical Clinic in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. She commented on the current size of his genitals and asked if he was happy with the size he ultimately choose, as the doctor measure him with a measuring tape


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