Katlego Danke responds to being pregnant for billionaire Patrice Motsepe

Katlego Danke and Patrice Motsepe have been trending lately after sparking dating rumours. Rumours have it that the duo have a son and are expecting their second child. The daring rumours of Katlego Danke dating Patrice Motsepe left Mzansi calling her names, and she broke her silence concerning the issue. Danke set records straight that she is not a homewrecker and her love life is not for everyone to dive into.


“I do not hang out with fans, only with my close family and friends. If I am with fans, I know I am working, and I am not there to let my hair loose. Fans want to take pictures and share them. I sell my work and not my life, so it is easy for me to differentiate what is for public consumption and what isn’t.

“My private life is private, and it is not for everyone to delve into. So I hang out with people I know, and they know me. Out of their own will, they have an added layer of consideration because of understanding what I do and what it means to be in the public eye constantly,” she says.

“They are not about proving proximity or anything like that. I am truly surrounded by people who care about me, and they also cover me,” she adds.

In 2022 a confirmed source revealed that Katlego was expecting a baby with Bafana Mthembu. Bafana Mthembu was born in Soweto and thrust into the limelight when featured in the drama series Family Secrets. Ever since his debut in the entertainment industry, he has won big and was nominated as the Best Traditional Social Media Influencer at the SATMA Awards.


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