Video of Zodwa Wabantu killing a huge snake has Mzansi talking

Zodwa Wabantu who is a big animal lover recently visited her Village and she was killing her snake, we don’t know if it’s for rituals or it’s for the Sangoma things she does. She seems to be enjoying what she is doing and she is not even scared of killing the snake. Is this part of being s Sangoma or she is joining the ritual gangs?

I could not do this! No man! Of course, the first thought while this clip was loading was I wonder if she is wearing panties, bad hey? But really, it’s a hard stigma to get away from. Did you think the same?

Zodwa Wabantu joins the list of SA celebrities who have sported a snake. The entertainer is known to be adventurous and bold, which is evident in the video shared on social media.

We all know Zodwa Wabantu does not care what people think she does what’s best for her and she will even post her stuff to show you guys what is happening in her life.


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