Singer Nkosazana Daughter’s bum-shaking video has Mzansi in stitches

Amapiano vocalist Nkosazana Daughter’s Ama1940s bum-shaking dance moves have left fans in stitches on TikTok.

Indeed, Nkosazana had been what fans looked for on TikTok. She provides fans with quality music and funny videos on TikTok when fans are just browsing. A few days ago, she produced the Bhebha dance moves; many fans loved it.

Indeed, the Bhebha dance moves looked great, but Nkosazana Daughter took it to another level with her Ama1940s bum-shaking dance moves. Certainly, the Ring Ring Ring hitmaker is a vibe from her music. She may be a good comedian when she is not on her music.

In her latest dance video, Nkosazana shakes her bums, but not in the modern moves we are used to knowing. She took us back to the 1990s with some old-age dance moves.

In the video, she danced to Big Zulu’s hit song Umbayimbayi, which looked so well. She just reminded us of the old music videos we got to watch growing up on national television.

Indeed, Mzansi has fallen in love with her; she has taken the whole nation in a concise space of time. Who has ever imagined an Ama2k celebrity coming out with such dance moves? Nobody, but that is what Nkosazana’s Daughter did with her Ama1940s bum-shaking dance moves.

Indeed, Nkosazana must have been doing a lot of research into the old music, and she found such dances.




♬ Umbayimbayi – Inkabi Zezwe & Sjava & Big Zulu


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