Watch As Pretoria Woman Nails The Bacardi Challenge…She Super Hot By The Way!

Many South Africans should have mastered the Bacardi dance challenge by now, since it is still popular on social media.

The viral challenge has drawn participants from all walks of life, including schoolchildren.

With her flawless hourglass form and dancing movements, a TikTok user with the handle has left Mzansi social media fans drooling.

The stunning model adjusted her waist and buttocks with ease, making her one among the best in the competition.

Netizens went to her timeline to voice their responses to the popular video, as predicted. Several people liked the lady not only for her dance abilities, but also for her ripped figure. The aim is not to sweat😅 #fyp #bacardi #viral #tiktoksouthafrica🇿🇦🇿🇦 #pitori012 #pitorivibes #mzansitiktok #amapianochallenge #satiktok🇿🇦 ♬ original sound – Barcadikent

@I follow back said:
“barcadi that went to a private school .”

@TumiNkosi wrote:
“I dance like this in my head. I also have a body like this in my dreams…and these braids.”

@LISABAE added:
“Am actually doing the same moves in my brains .”

@Noziey Hlophe wrote:
“my : I can do this to ibody: bro’ wat a u doing .”


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