Under Cover Cop shot and killed after his cover was blown

The surge in robberies, kidnappings, and political killings that are occurring in every province of South Africa is evidence that the country’s battle against crime is deteriorating.

According to sources, another breadwinner who gave his life to aiding the SAPS bring down a criminal organization perished in this same battle against crime.

Just last night, robbers shot and murdered an undercover police officer posing as a security guard in front of the Cenecon Pub Bar on the junction of Claim and Kaptain Streets.

This event took place in Johannesburg’s Hillbrow and is presently generating a lot of buzz online.

The man is said to have been caught off guard, and it is presumed that the killers had knowledge of his involvement with the SAPS.

Meanwhile, with the rate at which SAPS officers, politicians, whistleblowers and under cover cops are being killed, it seems like there is something deeper going on.

The SAPS has clearly being compromised, and some criminals elements within the system is giving out sensitive information to their gang members.

This senseless killing is just another sad news every ordinary South African citizens have grown used to. Another life has been lost, but unfortunately many more will until something decisive is done to rid the country of criminal elements.

My heart goes out to the family of the deceased. May the soul of the departed rest in peace.

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