Dead husband stops wife from having tlof tlof for 8 years

When HER husband found out she was having an affair, he threatened to put a spell on her.

She thought it was just his anger talking and he would forgive her in the end, but she was very, very wrong.

The 43-year-old woman from Meadowlands, Soweto, told Daily Sun she had not been able to sleep with any other man since her husband’s death.

“I have had five men walk out on me because of the lack of s.e.x,” she said, adding that she had been married to her husband for six years before he died from an illness.

“During our marriage I had an affair and my husband found out. I begged him to forgive me, but he said he was going to put a spell on me and that I will never sleep with other men,” she said.

“At the time I thought it was anger talking and never asked him what kind of a spell because I didn’t take it seriously,” she said.

Two years later, after the death of her husband, she started dating.

“But I have never been able to sleep with any of the men I have dated.

They struggle to get an erection around me. I have been using s.e.x toys and also went to consult with a sangoma.” The woman claimed a sangoma said her husband was so heartbroken about the affair that he cursed her.

“The sangoma took me for cleansing but things haven’t improved. I need my dead husband to forgive me so I can find love again,” she said.

Gobela Grace Ndlovu said the woman’s v@g!na was closed so that she could not sleep with any man.

“The spell also put the men she is dating in great danger. A man who dates her is exposing himself to great harm as the spell is not only targeting her v@g!na but also the men,” said Ndlovu.

“It appears that the sangoma she had been to didn’t use the right muthi to remove the spell. She needs a certain kind of muthi, then a cleansing.”

Psychologist and relationship expert Sonja Broschk said worrying so much about something often became real.

Broschk said the woman was attracting men from her energy level.

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“A person can manifest anything they believe in long enough. It is the power of the brain.

“She might be attracting men who already have existing erectile dysfunction because she has been stressing about whether or not she has a spell on her.”

Broschk said that an expert could help to talk her through it until she believed that the spell was gone.



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