#BBM’s Themba Broly’s hand in hospital for hand amputation

Big Brother runner-up Themba Broly has had an eventful couple of days. This is as ahead of the latest episode of Themba: My Inked World, the reality star announced that he was hospitalised and might have to face the amputation of his hand. As reported at the time:

Fans have been praying for Mabaso’s full recovery since he revealed he was hospitalised earlier this week. According to him, an infection may prevent his injured hand from functioning fully.

He shared a video of him in a hospital bed and revealed why he was hospitalised. He said he had broken his hand for the third time and it might be amputated.

“There might be an infection in my hand that could cause me to not be able to get my hand back so I don’t know what’s gonna happen it’s either they gonna cut my hand if the metal cannot be replaced.

“I’ve had the same surgery twice because the first time I broke my hand and it didn’t heal which was in 2019. In 2021 before I went to the house I broke my hand for the second time, so now I fell into something and hurt my hand. Now I have to do the same operation for the third time on the same hand,” he said.

As a result of feeling unwell on the day of surgery, he was unable to undergo the surgery.

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