The Wife: The Zulu Brothers Applaud Mbalenhle Mavimbela (Hlomu’s) Incredible Acting Skills

Despite initial doubts about Mbalenhle Mavimbela’s ability to portray Hlomu in The Wife, Mzansi and The Zulu brothers agree that she nailed the role. In a statement to news reporters, her co-stars on the Showmax series praised her performance.

Wiseman Mncube (Mqhele)

“She’s a dedicated professional. I enjoyed working with Mbali,” said Wiseman Mncube, who plays her husband, Mqhele.

Mbalenhle Mavimbela

“It was a blessing to work with such a talented actress. She welcomed me with open arms; she was loving and also respectful. She’s a dedicated professional and I wish her nothing but the best going forward. It was an honour to share a screen with her.”

Mondli Makhoba (Nkosana)

“Mbalenhle is an amazing actress, she is very talented, she chooses her moments carefully, and she plays generously,” said Mondli Makhoba, who plays Nkosana, the eldest Zulu brother.

“Working with her was refreshing because you know she will come prepared, ready to go where the scene takes her. She is respectful in her work; she understands who she is in a scene. She shines when needed and supports when needed, which is something many actors struggle with.”

Sipho Eric Ndlovu (Sambulo)

“What an amazing thespian. Working with Mbalenhle from Season 1 of The Wife has been a great experience,” said Sipho Eric Ndlovu, who plays Sambulo Zulu.

“What an amazing thespian! She is committed to her work and she did a great job playing Hlomu. She would always be on time, and she comes prepared all the time. Sharing a scene with her, you get to feel her presence. It was really nice working with her.”

Swelihle Luthuli (Ntsika)

“I enjoyed working with Mbali,” said Swelihle Luthuli, who plays Ntsika, the youngest Zulu brother.

“She is a very amazing actress. She usually says that she’s Hlomu and Hlomu is her; they are one person. I like how she complements other characters; she doesn’t just shine alone in a scene. I’ve observed that about her. I’ve learnt a lot of things and I can say I’ve gained a sister.”

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