Watch – 3 top spoilers from The Wife trailer

It is a well-known secret that the popular telenovela The Wife is sadly coming to an end. That has not stopped the show from doubling up on the drama and this week’s episode will be no exception.

Stained Glass Pictures through the Showmax social media pages have released the teaser for this week’s episode and it does not disappoint with the much anticipated revelations that have been important in regards to the development of this season’s storyline.

This has been a secret that has had viewers of The Wife rolling their eyes every week because of the fact that Xoli and her mother seem to be getting away with all the chaos that they have been causing. It seems now that will finally come to an end as we see in the clip Hlomu finally finding out that Xoli is a Majola. We hope now she put together all the other pieces of the puzzle.
This is another part of the storyline that has been dragged longer than it should. The signs were all there for Naledi to realize the type of person that her father is and it seems that her father’s judgment day is finally upon him. The big question now is what will Naledi do about it since she has walked a part of the path her father wanted for her and he knows her biggest secret.

This is a move that is long overdue considering the pain that he has put her through. The main question is will the other members of the council believe her or will this be dragged on for the rest of the show’s run?


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