Pictures and Videos: A look into Teddy from Gomora and Ntando Duma’s vacation

Of late, Mzansi has been trying to connect the dots regarding Ntando Duma’s love life. However, in the mix, Mzansi did manage to fix the puzzle about her mysterious boyfriend.

After all, it seems as if the rumour is good as confirmed. Celebrated actress and cum musician Ntando Duma is making all sorts of headlines after she went out on vacation with Teddy from Gomora character played by Sicelo Buthelezi.

Teddy shared a series of pictures whilst on vacation and left a cryptic caption that left many puzzled. It could be the two now an official couple pf not. In the mix of things, he left Mzansi after he shared a video getting cosy with another woman whom she blurred. Mzansi was more than convinced that in some of the frames, it was Ntando Duma.

Of interest is that he turned off the comments the section after sharing a series of his priceless vacation moments. In one of the pictures shared, the two were holding hands and making a toast. In the other frame, they were in sitting by a heated jacuzzi.

Despite neither confirming nor denying the rumours, fans still think that the two are dating.

After all, this is not the first time the two have been reported dating. A few months ago, rumour mill had it that the celebrated star actress Ntando Duma seems to be head over heels when it comes to her low-key affair. Are they letting the cat out of the bag, huh?

They have shared cosy moments that have flooded social media. The two have even wowed Mzansi with couples goals, from celebrating each other birthdays to attending awards and parties together.

Ntando was previously inlove with Junior De Rocka. The two called it quits after Ntando gave birth following Junior De Rocka’s alleged cheating claims.

The actress accused him of being a deadbeat dad. This follows after Ntando said she spends roughly 20k a month to maintain their baby Sbahle.


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