Tlof tlof inside Soshanguve tavern shocks Mzansi – Photos

No one knows exactly when or where the video was taken. And no one knows how it found its way onto social media platforms.

What is known is that there was some mo@ning, dancing, oral s.e.x, and the flashing of pun@ni!

The club is said to be in Block SS in Soshanguve, Tshwane, and if anybody knows exactly where, nobody is saying.Oral-tlof-tlof-inside-Soshanguve-night-club-shocks-Mzansi1

Some activities, one might say, are too private to be taken to the streets or a tavern, but the men in the one-minute and 50-second video were clearly not worried that they were surrounded by cheering crowds and cameras. The video shows the woman wearing only a T-shirt, dancing, and showing off her pun@ni.

The T-shirt is pulled up, revealing her bum and pun@ni, and she is seen dancing on top of a bearded man in a tracksuit.Oral-tlof-tlof-inside-Soshanguve-night-club-shocks-Mzansi1

They are both dancing as if they are having s.e.x, showing off all the bedroom styles. The video continues with the same woman but a different man this time. The woman is holding a bottle of Savanna in one hand and a microphone in the other, cheering and moaning as a man licks her pun@ni.

Through the microphone, the woman says: “Please touch me down there. Okay, I want to climax, my love!” The man continues to lick and the woman keeps moaning, and the video ends as the crowd watches in amazement. When the publication asked around in Mabopane and Soshanguve, some people said the woman was a local dancer. Then residents and patrons said they often witnessed such things in taverns. “These things happen, and we are used to them. You can see them as strip sessions,” he said.

“Many people discourage videos. I don’t know how this one got out.”

The publication tried to find out who the woman in the video was, but nobody would say and she was not found.

Twerker Christina Moloto (40), from Tshwane, said: “There is nothing wrong for anyone to dance n@ked because it’s their body and choice.”

Christina said she did not personally dance n@ked, but did not mind watching others.

Entertainer Skolopad, real name Nonhlanhla Qwabe, said people must do whatever made them happy.

“I had my chance but I wasn’t that n@ked. I was half-n@ked like Beyonce. I believe in places where people dance n@ked, it is specified that there should not be cameras and those places should be licensed.”

The publication contacted the resort where it was rumoured the scene took place, and a person who refused to give his name said: “I’m not aware of any video. We run a resort and don’t allow n@ked woman to dance here.”

Then he hung up the phone.

Gauteng police spokeswoman Colonel Dimakatso Sello said: “Being n@ked in a public place is unlawful and a person can be charged with public indecency.”


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