Sni Mhlongo denies taking back cheating boyfriend, Zamani Mbatha

A couple of days ago, actor Zamani Mbatha has been exposed by his girlfriend Snikiwe Mhlongo after she caught him in bed with another girl.

An outraged Mhlongo has slammed Mbatha across social media with video snippets and photos.

Social media is sent into a frenzy following Snikiwe Mhlongo blasting her long-term boyfriend Zamani Mbatha for cheating on her. While scores of people are just shocked about Mbatha’s cheating scandals.

Other tweeps are still in complete disbelief that Mbatha and Snikiwe Mhlongo were ever an item.

While it was assumed that when Sni was putting Zamani on blast publicly, that meant the two were officially over. It seems that the six years of the relationship was still enough for Sni to consider talking to Zamani after the latest video of the two went viral on social media.

Sni denies taking back Zamani Mbatha

Recently, a video was circulated on social media which saw Sni and Zamani seemingly talking outside her apartment complex.

As the video went viral, many thought that the two were attempting to work on reconciling. A fact that in light of the two had dated for six years was considered logical.

However, as the video garnered attention on social media, Sni seemed to want to set the record straight. This is as she took to Twitter to assert that she has no intentions of taking back Zamani despite the leaked footage of their interaction.

Sni’s stance on not ever taking back Zamani was not a surprise in light of the latest revelation. This is as it seems that FBI Twitter got to work and believes it has found the identity of the other woman that Zamani is believed to have been found in bed with. A fact which has neither been confirmed by Zamani or the alleged other woman. As reported at the time when the allegations were made:

When news of Zamani Mbatha’s adulterous ways went viral, it was assumed that the woman in the story shared by Sni was none other than Amapiano vocalist and choreographer, Kamo Mphela. But Kamo was quick to defend herself against the rumours making it clear that the circulated interaction between them was two years ago.

As such, the search for the woman’s identity in the video started in earnest. While many could not find even an inkling as to who the woman was. It seems that someone with an eye for detail was able to zoom in on the tattoo from the video.

Thereafter, they were somehow able to pick out the details on the tattoo and the search for her identity then led to the belief that the woman in question was none other than dancer and choreographer Gomo Maloka.

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