Scoop Makhathini now a Sangoma!

Siyabonga Ngwekazi, also known as Scoop Makhathini is now a Sangoma.

Scoop’s friend revealed that he’s accepted his ancestral calling after experiencing tough times.

“He is on a spiritual path. A lot of negative things have been happening in his life, only to realise it was because of the calling,” the friend says.

“Scoop accepted the calling, and he is doing what needs to be done but it’s not easy. It’s tough but, he is doing what needs to be done.”

A few years ago, Siyabonga was slammed for reacting to how celebrities are becoming sangoma.

“So, Christianity says, don’t worship ancestors and don’t consult sangomas. Kodwa the creator created the sangoma and gave him/her the gift. How sway?” Followed by “All of a sudden, every Tom, Dick, and Thandi is having a calling. I’m just gonna relax and watch the liars play themselves out,’ he shared.

“The ancestral lashing will be unavoidable. Jhb folk will bite anything, even sh*t that can’t be bitten or faked. Yonke into bafuna uyenza i-fashion (They want to make everything fashionable),” he added.


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