Nadia Nakai still in AKA’s home, gets visits from Kairo

South African rapper Nadia Nakai is still coming to terms with the passing of her boyfriend Kiernan “AKA” Forbes. On the 10 of February this year, AKA was killed outside Wish Restaurant on Florida Road in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal where he had been dining with friends. While months have passed since the murder, the Forbes family and Nadia have leaned on one another for support. Judging by many of her posts, Nadia may still be living inside AKA’s Bryanston home where they made many fond memories.

Meanwhile, social media users have headed online to discuss how accommodating Lynn and Tony Forbes have been towards Nadia despite AKA being gone.

Nadia Nakai is rightfully taking her time with the grieving process.

The Nah Mean rapper had been dating 35-year-old AKA for just over a year at the time of his untimely passing.

While she has shared how difficult the journey has been for her so far, she has had an excellent support system.

Not only have social media users been surrounding her with kind words and compassion, AKA’s parents Lynn and Tony Forbes have been with her every step of the way.

And now social media users have pointed out that Nadia may still be living in AKA’s beautiful Bryanston house.

“Looks like Nadia is still staying at AKA’s house. If it was black people, they would have kicked her out the Saturday after the shooting and dipping their toes in the pool with all their out of wedlock kids,” wrote the Tweep.

Many people pointed out that a lot of families wouldn’t be as accommodating as the Forbes family has been.

“I was just saying this to my bestie on the weekend. The way they are showing her so much like black people would never. You probably wouldn’t even have been welcomed at the funeral bc you’re not a fiance or wife. For them to go so above and beyond for her is heartwarming,” wrote one person.

Another added:

“I said this, they are so compassionate. I love them so much.”


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