Pupil forced to perform oral s.e.x at school

Residents from Worcester are outraged after a s.e.xual assault incident at a local school in the area is being dealt with ‘quietly’.

Last week, a group of boys from Esselen Park Senior Secondary School were alleged to have attacked one boy and made two others watch.

A source who spoke to IOL said the incident occurred during school hours when the victim was forced to perform oral s.e.x.

“This group is believed to be known for terrorising others.

“The victim is very traumatised, and so are the two other boys who were held down and made to watch while a penis was being stuffed into his mouth,” the source said.

The school is believed to have suspended the alleged perpetrators. However, a resident who found out about the incident ‘by mistake’ said this incident could not be swept under the mat.

“Look, we know children nowadays are s.e.xually active, but if there is a concern that our children are not safe because of little rapists, we need to know about this.

“Why were all parents from the school not notified about this?

“We need to know what will happen to these horrible children who commit such deeds,” the resident said.

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) said it was aware of the incident.

A spokesperson for the WCED, Bronagh Hammond, said the three victims are in Grades 8 and 10.

“Three pupils (two grade 8 pupils and one Grade 10 pupil) were held against their will by a group of other pupils who allegedly made themselves guilty of assault and a case of s.e.xual misconduct. Reports indicate that the grades of all the pupils range between Grades 9 – 11,” Bronagh said.

She said the victims of the incident managed to get away from the group, and the incident was reported.

“The school reported the matter to the relevant authorities. The alleged perpetrators were identified, and their parents were contacted. The school is taking disciplinary action in line with its code of conduct.

“Trauma counselling has been made available to the pupils. The matter has also been reported to the police. The school is cooperating with the relevant authorities,” Hammond said.

Police confirmed a case of rape had been opened for investigation.

Provincial police spokesperson, Captain Frederick van Wyk, said a 17-year-old pupil will be appearing in court next week.

“Kindly be advised that a 17-year-old pupil was assessed and will be appearing in the Worcester Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, May 2, on a charge of rape (Section.3 Act. 32/2007).

“According to reports, the incident happened on April 19 at about 12.15pm at a secondary school in Farbian Street, Worcester,” van Wyk said.



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