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Prince Kaybee Gives Cyan Boujee Cold Shoulder After Video Leak

Prince Kaybee Gives Cyan Boujee Cold Shoulder After Video Leak

Prince Kaybee isn’t paying attention to the online controversy surrounding his name. Following Cyan Boujee’s claim that he shared their graphic video, the well-known celebrity gained a lot of Twitter attention.

Social media fans have been waiting for Prince Kaybee’s reply after Cyan Boujee launched an attack on him.

The star found himself trending when the controversial media personality accused him of leaking their graphic video. After the video went viral, Cyan Boujee claimed that the Gugulethu hitmaker was the one who uploaded it on the internet on her Instagram page.

Cyan Boujee is accusing Prince KayBee of leaking her Video!

She also suggested the clip was shot over two years ago when she wrote:

“Also keeping videos of me for two years is crazy business.”

After the incident, Prince Kaybee posted on his Twitter account, ignoring the commotion to concentrate on his music. When a fan asked him for one of his remixes, he replied that it will be released shortly.

According to social media users, Prince Kaybee would have exploded following Cyan Boujee’s charges if it had been someone else. Fans advised the celebrity to keep concentrating on his music.

@Cellular_jnr said:

“The boy is focused! Love it!”

@dineonestaSA added:

“So it was a strategy? Kudos to your marketing team shame.”

@krugersville wrote:

“King, did you see what Cyan Boujee said about you and an alleged s*x tape, I know it can’t be you.”

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