Cyan Boujee is accusing Prince KayBee of leaking her Video!

A recent leak of Cyan Boujie’s video has been met with different responses on social media.

The DJ and popular influencer has come out claiming that Prince Kaybee leaked the video for unknown reasons.

Now social media has come out with various speculations that Prince Kaybee may be the other individual filmed in the video.

Taking to social media, Cyan Boujie says she feels betrayed for the leak and blames Prince Kaybee for it.

“Am ayt guys. But wow. May God bless Prince Kaybee. It’s him definitely. My only issue is my n*ggas are all gonna dump me today”

In another post she says;

Damn, never did I think a n*gga would put a video of me sq***rting.

Social media users had many things to say;


If Prince had the video ,then chances are the video was taken by him .


Why is prince kaybee in it?


Lol its clear she leaked the video herself. Lol the world we living in🤦🏾‍♂️


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