Nasty C bags recognition from Chris Brown

Chris Brown endorses Nasty C which left social media users buzzing. It is the dream of most African artists to get recognised by their favourite international artists, and the South African star just secured another international endorsement.

Nasty C has worked with various international stars and he’s gained their endorsement too. However, South Africans woke up to a viral screen record of Chris’ Instagram stories.

The RnB singer shared a video of one of Nasty C’s many freestyles. The incident got Nasty trending on Twitter with different reactions from users.

The rapper also posted the screen record on his Instagram page, captioned with, “BRO WHAAAT?? (and this freestyle’s almost ag 500K on OTR YouTube channel
The co-sign from Nasty C resurfaced the Nasty C – Sarkodie debate.

“Where Sarkodie Day?? This is how you do a proper freestyle, not that thing he recorded . As for the title of best rapper in Africa, Nasty C would always be the number… just factsssss,” a tweep wrote.

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