Letoya Makhene pens sweet message to her wife

Letoya Makhene and her wife Lebo Keswa are loved up and fans love to see it! The couple recently celebrated a special day. with Letoya professing her love for Lebo Keswa on Instagram.

Letoya said Lebo is the most beautiful thing God has brought to her life. Despite their difference in opinions on certain matters, Letoya reckons that they make a good team.

“Today is your birthday, My Love. I think you are the most beautiful thing that God has brought into my life and I Love and cherish you. We may not see eye to eye on a lot of things but we do make an exceptional team. You have brought light into my life and have taught me how I deserve to be loved,” wrote Letoya.

She added, “For that I will appreciate you forever. I cannot imagine life without you. I cannot imagine my world with another. You are the only one who has filled this empty void that I have had in my heart for so long. You are the personification of Love. You are the personification of truth.

“You are unpredictable, fun and crazy! These are the attributes that make up Lebo and I will never forget you for that. You are that person that I will eternally thank God for bringing into my life. I Love You. I’ve Loved you from the first day that I met you. May this be a fruitful year for you. Filled with only positivity and everything that your heart has ever wished for. I will Always Love You,” she closed off her message.

Lebo and Letoya have always hogged headlines for all the wrong reasons. From being accused of assaulting a woman who owns a bakery to being assaulted allegedly by Letoya’s baby daddy, but their love remained strong.

Their marriage came as a surprise and shock for everyone because Letoya was previously married to the father of her children. The same man who made headlines for allegedly assaulting the couple along with his mother.

One rumour though is that Lebo allegedly assaulted her wife Letoya. A rumour they both denied. A source took to social media and said, “Lebo Makhene allegedly vandalises everything to no repair when angry. News came in fast on Facebook with proof that Lebo has no mercy and no one is safe when she’s angry. She roars like a lion admin , we are scared of her, says anonymous on the DM. She was arrested , but we fear she might be out and moer all of us Admin , says a Shebeen Queen who’s also fearful for her life,” read the post on Facebook.

Lebo denied this and said to TshisaLIVE, “This woman said to me ‘Mmm so you are Lebo Keswa I’ve always had a crush on’. I said unfortunately I’m married. ‘Do you and Letoya play?’ I asked her what does that mean. She said can you, Letoya, me and my husband do something and I told her I’m not happy with this,” the entrepreneur told the publication.

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